Perfetti Golia Licorice Candies

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Perfetti Golia Liquirizia – 6.35 oz

Perfetti Golia licorice candies are made with real licorice juice, not anise, making them a true licorice lover’s delight! Full of intense flavor with an addictive gummy texture, they have remained a popular candy in Italy for generations. Traditionally recognized for its health benefits licorice has often been used by various cultures as an herbal remedy believed to soothe coughs, inflammation and stomach ailments.

2 reviews for Perfetti Golia Licorice Candies

  1. Pam C (verified owner)

    This is one of the memorable candies of my childhood. A recent trip to Italy inspired the search for a source in North America. It’s tiny, but packed with minty-licorice flavour. Refreshing, individually wrapped, and very “more-ish”. While the candy is great, the service received in filling and shipping my order was exceptional. Many thanks from a newly loyal customer!

  2. Lucia Wilke (verified owner)

    Very satisfied with Golia, I am glad we were able to get them without having to go to Italy.
    We always enjoyed tham and we gave some to our italian friends they. Now we know where to get them.

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