Leone Lemon Pastille Candies

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Pastiglie Leone Limone – 1 oz box

Leone Lemon Pastille Candies deliver the refreshing lemony aroma of the Mediterranean delivered to your palate. These delicious little candy drops are made using the essential oil of lemon, pure plant extracts and natural colors to produce a fragrant and intensely flavored candy reminiscent of an Italian lemon orchard.

Best by 12/30/17

At less than 2 calories a piece and gluten-free, these little sugar buttons dissolve on the tongue. Pastilles come in refreshing fruit and digestive herbal varieties, both of which have traditionally been used to provide the benefits of plants as a form of natural remedy. Since 1857 Pastiglie Leone have produced their pastille candy originals using the same bronze molds and high quality ingredients that have made them famous in the confectionery world. Leone is equally well-known for their artfully designed packaging, a mark of the excellence and elegance the company delivers in all of its products.

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