Condorelli Torroncini – 300g

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Condorelli Torroncini Morbidi – 10.58 oz

Condorelli Torroncini are individually wrapped Sicilian artisan nougats in a beautiful 300 gram gift box. An assortment of heavenly sweets consisting of small almond and pistachio soft torrone nougat confections with vanilla, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, gianduia chocolate, orange, lemon and coffee coatings. A true Sicilian specialty, made with the traditional recipe using only genuinely local ingredients – pistachios from the soil of Mt. Etna, almonds grown in Siciliy, and Zagara honey. Made by renowned pastry makers Condorelli, a small business located at the foot of Mt. Etna with a passion for the art of Sicilian pastries.

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